Most people accept escalating rates of childhood illness as normal and to be expected these days. But it is more important than ever to be careful about what you feed your child, from day one. Babies are already born at considerable risk due to the toxic load of their mothers. One of the many contributors to toxic overload is from exposure to plastics and the contaminants present therein, such as BPA (Bisphenol A). And now there’s evidence these toxins are being spread to babies even BEFORE they’re born. If you don’t rate the danger check the research and you will find BPA in the urine of 95% of people tested in any situation. so how bad is that? After all it is only one of the 287 toxins found in tests by EWG in 2009 in the umbilical cord blood of American infants. Most western nations follow suit. If your baby is exposed to numerous toxic compounds While in the womb, it lengthens the total period of exposure to carcinogens for every period, thereby making your child more susceptible to cancer and other diseases later in life. This highlights the importance of minimizing your child’s risk for exposure to toxic compounds in the foods you feed them.

Yet many well- intention ed mothers unknowingly add to their baby’s toxic load by feeding them contaminated, chemical-laden infant formulas in their first several months of life, then hit their tender little immune systems with cereal, which is the LAST thing they should be eating because it’s mostly grain, which turns into sugar. Now, baby food manufacturers are compounding the problem by suggesting that busy moms feed their toddlers highly processed food sold in convenient plastic tubs. Then it is designed to be microwaved further destroying and denaturing its nutritional value and promoting leaching of toxic chemicals right out of the plastic and into your baby’s meal. The children are further disabled by bombarding them with 29 chemical vaccines by the age of two each with dozens of possible side effects then letting them spend their days idly sitting in front of televisions and computers to accumulate radiation it’s no wonder we have the unhealthiest children in generations.

Western children, as a whole, are showing this damage in the form of lowered IQ’s, mood and behavioral problems, blossoming obesity rates, and multiple forms of chronic disease that are occurring at earlier ages. Obviously we are not fans of cooking at all and I always avoid microwaved food in fact I do not like even being in the same room as one. The food vibrates at very high frequencies, changing your food’s chemical structure, structurally deforming its molecules and potentially making nutrients unrecognizable in a lab and unusable by your body. When you put “microwave safe” plastic into your microwave oven, you’re not going to see it bubble or melt, or see sparks fly or smell toxic fumes. You won’t see or taste plastic particles in your food. As the microwave heats the plastic, the chemical bonds break silently and invisibly. If your plastic is scratched or worn, the degradation is worse. BPA is one of the worst in leaking from all plastics tested. Leaching has been found to occur at room temperature and be rapidly accelerated by boiling water, dishwasher processes and microwaving. Research clearly shows increased risk of heart disease, Diabetes, brain damage, liver disease, impaired learning, aggressiveness, obesity, reduced immune function, early stimulation of female function in young girls. Stimulation of prostate and other cancer cells and ovarian problems among st others. Of 115 published animal studies, 81 percent found significant effects from even low-level exposure to BPA. This endocrine disrupted first caught researchers’ attention after normal mice began to display uncommon genetic abnormalities. The defects were linked to plastic cages and water bottles that had been cleaned with a harsh detergent, causing BPA to leach out of the plastic. This is early life exposure to BPA and there is no established safe level as the toxin is added to the total accumulation of toxins. The safe and effective method of detoxing is a total vegan raw food diet and nobody does that. Effects on laboratory animals have been extensive and you should explore the internet yourself to find the tests and dates and results. So, a one-month-old baby on formula could be getting 450 parts per trillion BPA per day, which is18 times the level shown in scientific studies to cause cellular damage.


•    Diclofenac

    •    Naproxen (Aleve)

    •    Celecoxib (Celebrex)

    •    Rofecoxib (Vioxx, now withdrawn)

    •    Ibuprofen (Advil)

The researchers concluded:

“Gestational exposure to any type or dosage of non aspirin NSAIDs may increase the risk of spontaneous abortion. These drugs should be used with caution during pregnancy.”

Despite this finding, and the fact that other studies, including one published more than a decade ago, also have linked NSAIDs with an increased risk of miscarriage, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) 2011 Medication Guide for NSAIDs does not mention the potential risk. It does warn that pregnant women should not use NSAIDs late in pregnancy — ibuprofen in the third trimester has been linked to heart problems in the baby, low amniotic fluid, and prolonged labor — but this does nothing to warn and protect those who are newly pregnant.

NSAIDs work by suppressing the production of propagandist (fatty acids needed for successful implantation of an embryo in the womb). Because NSAIDs and aspirin act on your whole body, they could lead to abnormal implantation that predisposes an embryo to miscarriage.